15 Free and Frugal Workout Ideas

Anyone looking to workout in the New Year but an expensive gym membership isn’t in your New Year, New Budget plan?  Of course, most of us have the best intentions to get into shape and stay healthy in the New Year. For this reason, good results can come from hiring a personal trainer and hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, right?

No doubt, it is discouraging that a good workout has to cost so much. All things considered, paying $50 for a gym membership and an extra $20 for classes or a trainer is too much for the average person.

You may be thinking… I have to pay in order to stay healthy and do something I don’t necessarily look forward to doing?  I’d rather just hang out and watch a movie! (Yep – That’s me!)

Staying Healthy on a Dime

Moreover, since I think health is a top priority, I had to figure out a solution.  Can you work out and stay on track with your budget? Of course! Where there is a will, there is a way!

First and foremost, let’s get real about your workout plan! There are so many ways to burn off those extra calories that are extremely cost-effective. In fact, most are free. From here on, you may use my compiled list of family-friendly workouts to help you stay fit and keep on track with your budget plan. In fact, with the list below you can take the gym membership out of your budget this year!

15 Free and Frugal Workout Ideas

1. Jog outside (weather permitting) – Get outside and hit the pavement! If you have a smart phone, use the app Map My Ride to keep track of how far you jog and save your workout progress!

2. Swim inside – Many middle schools & high schools have pools with free public swim times.

3. Library videos – Go to your local library and check out work out videos for free! When you get home, actually do the workout videos! (I have a habit of letting them sit on the mantle.)

4. Buy a few free weights – Instead of spending money on a gym, buy your own weights. I bought my 10 lbs weights at Dunham’s for around $7 each.

5. Exercise bands – These are cheap and easy to store. Marshalls sells them for around $8-$10.

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