21 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

Do you waste money? Have you ever looked – I mean REALLY looked – at what you could cut out of your budget to save money?

There are so many ways to save money, but finding them is not always so easy.

I always recommend sticking to ideas that work for you. I mean, if that morning cup of Joe is SUPER important, then keep it but use the other 20 ways I have listed to help you get your budget back on track.

Personal finance is a tricky thing for many people. Often people buy what they “want” or “THINK” they need without looking at price tags.

If you are super rich, then good for you! I hope to be in your shoes one day. But for the rest of us, wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation or build up an emergency fund with all the “little things” we can save money on over time?

In today’s post, I have listed 21 things people waste money on that can be avoided and save you over $3000 per year. Put that $3000 away in a separate savings account and there you have your mini-emergency fund or your vacation fund… So start planning.

21 Things People Waste Money on:

1. House Repair – Let’s face it. House repairs can be astronomical in cost. Yet, have you heard of a cool invention called YouTube? (Just kidding – Who hasn’t heard of YouTube?)

We haven’t had a repairman fix anything minor at our house in years.

Side Note: I have to give credit to my handy brother-in-law that always helps us in a pinch.

We actually had a repair guy come out for our air conditioner a few summers back, but the repair guy couldn’t fix the problem for less than $5000. Yes, you read that right – $5000. Handy Uncle Tim and my hubby fixed it for around $100! Thanks for saving us $4900 Unckie!

You may not have a handy person in the family or and Uncle Tim to turn to, but find a friend or distant family member that can help you out and use YouTube videos to solve many of your smaller house dilemmas.

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