21 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

2. Car Repairs – Same idea as the house repair thing. This is another area where YouTube comes in handy. If it is something minor you can definitely fix it yourself.

You can also learn how to change your own oil, which my husband often does. This saves us a total of around $20-30 every three or four months instead of having the oil changed by a gas station or car repair place. Hey – That’s around $80-90 per year!

3. Paper Towels – These little sheets of wiping power can add up. Buy a few nice towels that you can wash every other day and leave the paper towels for something disgusting (like your dog pooping on the carpet – YUCK!)

If you stop buying paper towels, you can save around $6-$12 per month and it is better for the environment.

Another idea is to reuse your paper towels. I do this all the time. I hand my son a paper towel for his waffle in the morning (otherwise he puts it on the floor) and then I use it later to wipe up my coffee he spilled all over the floor! Multi-use!

4. Gym Membership – This one can really hit you in the pocketbook. There are so many ways to work out without a gym, like running outside or using my favorite, YouTube again, to find free workout videos.

Problem is, my husband and I both like to workout and it is below freezing for several months here in Michigan so running outside is not an option.

We actually found a gym that offers a $10 a month plan called Planet Fitness. Other gyms can run you anywhere from $40 -$100 per person, so $10 is a steal. If you can’t afford the $10 try some of my free and frugal workout ideas! We will have you back to shape in no time!

5. Coffee – Are you a coffee lover? I am. I can’t really function before I drink my first cup of sizzlin’ hot coffee with yummy creamers. However, a while back I got out of the habit of buying coffee at expensive coffee places. I was never one to buy a Starbucks daily, but I would and will treat myself now and then.

My husband and I prefer to make a pot of Starbucks ground coffee and add International Creamers. They have some really crazy flavors worth trying (my husband loves all the candy ones, while I prefer my Sweet Cream, plain and simple!)

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