3 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Make You Money

Cleaning and Removing Clutter Makes for a Happy Home

Do you know what clutter does to your brain? Research shows clutter in your visual spectrum causes stress and lack of focus! Also, clutter affects women more negatively than men!

So ladies, enlist your helpers (a.k.a your kids and hubby) to begin this process and we will all have a happier mommy and more money in our pockets! And hey, we all know the old saying, “If momma isn’t  happy, NO one is happy!” Repeat this annoyingly over and over to your family until they help you! – Works like a charm.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips that Will Earn You Money

1. Set a “Declutter Date” and put it on the calendar. Setting a planned date will help you get started. A weekend will probably work best so the entire family can take part but choose whatever day works for your schedule. I find the first day of the month works and is easy to remember and after your first decluttering, try doing the same thing on the first of every month to continue keeping the house mess-free.

I suggested putting a donate date on the calendar and forewarning everyone in your household so they will have ample time to think about what they want to purge. Moreover, great places to donate items are local churches, Goodwill, or The Salvation Army. Keep in mind, It helps to take them soon after your “house collection date” because all too often we change our minds and end up with that yellow sweater back in the closet for the next year (or five).

2. Let’s Get Organized – First, you will need three boxes. Use boxes from some of the things you ordered online or bulk diaper boxes work great. Label your boxes “Sell”, “Donate”, and “Trash”.

3. Begin the Purge –  To start, have each family member pick five items per box each (that’s a total of 15 items each) and put them in the proper boxes. Also, remember to remind your kids why you are doing this. An organized house is a happy house. I always tell my kids we need to make room for new stuff because their birthday is coming or any Holiday they receive gifts. This seems to ease the pain of giving toys away.

It is also a wonderful idea to talk to children about how others are in need of clothing or toys and may not be as fortunate as you.

Emphasise some of the toys are “baby toys” or they no longer play with them. Remind kids they will make money from the “Sell” box.

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