7 Frugal Lessons from Great-Grandmother

She had a clothesline.

Why use a dryer when all it does is ruin the fabric and waste energy? There’s really no need to look at the instructions tag if you are drying clothes via fresh air.

She brought drinks from home.

Whenever there would be a family trip, she always brought everyone’s favorite drink from the fridge. “Can I buy a can of Coke mom?” “Are you nuts? That costs 5 cents!”

She wasn’t addicted to technology.

Not that there were nearly as many gadgets back in the day, but she lived just fine. She had no smart phones, no iPods, no laptops to replace every three years.

She used public services.

She encouraged the kids to use the libraries, didn’t have a pool in her backyard when there was a community pool just outside, and certainly would have taken the bus (or walked) instead of buying that fancy car.

Few great-grandmothers lived with more resources than we have today, but they managed, on avarage, and with bigger families, too. You may hate the idea of living frugally, but perhaps a more relaxed life will change your mind. Great-grandmothers show us that frugal living is really not a sacrifice.

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