7 Money-Saving Secrets to Dramatically Slash Your Grocery Bill

In today’s world, it is hard to get by with the mess of clutter that envelopes our heads. Everywhere you look there is a different company trying to advertise something. Most people are walking around 24/7 with “clutter-head” (a new word I invented) and this clutter from billboards, television, social media and even e-mail ads are literally clogging up productivity.

If we are being honest, the clutter in our houses piles up, just like the clutter outside our homes. As this clutter seeps in, our budgeting goes haywire and when this occurs wouldn’t it be nice if we could slash our grocery bill?

Stay with me here…If your stuff-cluttered house needs a cleaning and your bills are cluttering up your counter, how easy is it to lose the bill that was due last week and start to fall behind.

Furthermore, if our time is also cluttered, running here and there, we become unproductive. Think of the last time you spent an hour looking for your keys.

Clutter leads to wasted time and wasted money. You could be using your wasted time implementing my tips to slash your grocery bills listed below.

Tip #1 – Organization

Like most aspects of life, it is best to stay organized. As I talked about the clutter above, an organizational system is a must in today’s world and will play an intricate role in staying on budget. Just like you are budgeting your money, try budgeting a little time to set up your meal planning and grocery list because taking a little time to plan will save you time in the long run.

Don’t fall into the time-wasting trap. For instance, running back to the store every other day is a time-waster. Another time-waster: thinking of something to make for dinner. Also, fiddling through coupons at the store when you do not prepare your coupon plan will cause stress and waste more time. “Work smarter, not harder,” my friends. In order to avoid these time-wasting mishaps, Therefore, I suggest meal planning and organizing your coupons.

Organize with Meal Prep

Personally, I like to do my meal planning at the beginning of the month. My calendar is essential because I use it to plan meals and mark dates I may have a party to attend or cook-free night, like a Holiday at a family member’s house. Then I include those days on my meal plan so I do not buy extra food that may go to waste.

Also, I recommend keeping your coupons organized, which will be discussed further in the post. Target’s dollar bin is a great place to shop for a couponing organizer. A great way to organize coupons is by areas of the store, i.e. Produce, meat, cereals, etc. When I pick up an item, I place my coupon in the front of my organizer so I am ready when it is time to check-out.

Sunday morning

9-9:30 Match coupon deals to stores (Use coupon bloggers to save time)
9:30-10 Create meal plan for the month using items that are on sale (Example of a meal plan)
10-11 Go grocery shopping
11-11:15 Organize rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 (Do this before you put away your groceries – more on this topic below)

You have now spent 2-2 1/2 hours of your day planning for an entire month’s worth of groceries. Create a time frame that works for your schedule and when you budget your time, you will not feel guilty for being unproductive.

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