7 Money-Saving Secrets to Dramatically Slash Your Grocery Bill

Tip #2 – Shop sale cycles

Ask your local manager how often sales cycles occur for items you often buy or start keeping track on your phone calendar. Stock up when an item is on sale. For example, cereal is a staple at our house. A good deal for cereal would be $2 or below per box. When this sale happens we buy enough to last until the next sale. Most store sale cycles are between 6-8 weeks. Pay attention to how much you go through in a sale cycle. Of course, it is best to buy more the first time around so you don’t end up running back to the store to buy your item at full price.

On the other hand, it may sound counterproductive to spend more money stocking up, but once you build up your stockpile for the next 6-8 weeks you can cut those items from your next shopping trip.

Tip #3 – Placement of grocery

First and foremost, one secret grocery stores don’t want us to know is they strategically place items to tempt you to buy more. I guess it’s not so much a secret anymore because I saw it in the news last week! However, knowing this will help you avoid falling for the marketing trick. Brands actually pay a fee for premium placement at eye level or lower level where kids will see sugary cereals and treats. Additionaly, it is not a coincidence you have to walk to the back of the store to grab milk (picking up five other items on the way.) Then you have to walk to the other side of the store for meat or bread. Accordingly, the rotisserie chicken is next to the register where you can capture the smell after building up an appetite grocery shopping and is easy to grab on your way out.

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