How to Live Your Best Life: 15 Life-Changing Tips

I’ve always been preoccupied with the saying “Live your Best Life” made popular by Oprah Winfrey and as I flew home from a mini trip with my husband, I looked out the window of the plane. It occurred to me, I was looking at things from a different perspective.

On the ground, I could see the bottom of the fluffy white cumulus cloud, but now over ten thousand feet in the air, I was looking down at the beautiful, cotton balls of glory made of water & dust!

Yes, it is true… If you open your eyes you can see many things from a different perspective, personal finances being one of them. I, once a “stuufoholic” used to desire many things and thought buying more “stuff” would make me happier. However, I’ve thus learned the problem with this type of thinking is no matter how much you have, you always want more! Yet, the more you have, the more clutter you deal with and life begins to feel out of control. It can be a never-ending cycle.

We all marry our spouses for different reasons. My husband is a kind, caring person with a good heart. He has taught me many things in our life together, but perhaps the most important is how he prefers experiences over stuff. He would much rather take a trip or take our kids to a new museum than buy a bunch of clothes at the mall. His perspective got me thinking about what we could do to make our lives richer and more fulfilling. Could we all have a goal to live our best life with contentment and happiness? And what’s more, how can we achieve this “best life”?

Yes, having money gives you security and you are able to pay bills. But owning a bunch of trinkets, cars, clothing, and collections doesn’t make you a happier person. Therefore, it is important to find ways to live your best life and find contentment without being a “stuffoholic” and collecting items that clutter your life.

With that in mind, I’ve devised a list to help you with your quest to live your best life! Life isn’t always perfect and living and learning are part of the journey, but if things aren’t going the way you imagined lately, you are going to want to try some of the tips below!

Live Your Best Life: 15 Life-Changing Tips

Get your Finances in order

Paying off debt can make you happier. Yet, there are some money experts that may disagree because of the whole “good interest” versus “bad interest” debate. Nonetheless, studies show debt is a main cause of stress and if you follow financial guru Suzie Orman she advises people use their money in a way that will make them comfortable. If you are more comfortable living debt-free than dumping debt could be a key factor in living your best life.

It is also wise to create a budget and plan for your future (college, retirement). Set aside money for an emergency fund and eliminate stress when the “what ifs” of life pop up.

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