9 Super Simple Happiness Tips

Thankfully, these super simple tips are SUPER simple. They take very little time or effort, and will help turn your literal, or metaphorical, frown upside down. Seriously. You will vomit sunbeams of joy. And I’m not just a hack writer for a  website sponsored by a mattress company—I’m also desperate to be happy.Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness

So I wish you luck on your journey. I hope you find what you are looking for in life. Because you deserve whatever it is you want from this life. Me? I just want love but, if I can’t have that, I’ll settle for website clicks. Namaste.

Don’t Read The Facebook Comments

This is very important: Whatever you do, do not read Facebook comments. They are full of nightmares. Nothing of any value has ever been written in a Facebook comment. In fact, it’s probably smart to delete all your social media apps and bury your phone in a hole. Be free.Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness

Always Eat Free Cupcakes

If someone offers you a cupcake, don’t wrinkle your nose and say, “Oh, I shouldn’t.” You should. You absolutely should, especially if it’s free. Merge your face into the cupcake. I’m not saying a free cupcake has no calories: It has the same number of calories as a cupcake that costs money. I’m just saying you should be open to gifts from the universe.

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