6 reasons why UX designers should explore gestural interaction

1. We need better tools to wade through increasing amounts of information

Think data visualizations, dashboards with customer analytics, maps with clusters, and layers of information. How do we navigate through this constantly growing landscape of data?

We use our mouse, as always, to click around the available navigation and buttons for manipulating a view. We use touch gestures to swipe through our mobile device interfaces and see more stuff. Or, we type in a few search terms and hope to get back the right amount of information that we can scroll through.

But what if our most familiar inputs and interfaces are limiting? Are there any better, alternative ways for us to interact with large amounts of data?Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design


The future of big data interactions is multimodal: a combination of what we have now, and more. Imagine making a hand gesture to get an overview of all the information, then pointing to an area to see more detail. And after that, actually touching the screen to select something. Moving smoothly from gesturing to touching, and vice-versa.Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design Interaction Design

The increasing amount of data isn’t the only trend that will drive innovation in user interaction. Working in the startup world and collaborating with larger organizations, we’ve also observed another change.

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