How communication helps change and project management success

The essential skills for effective change management

You need to think “big picture” and work out how people need to act to get benefit from the project; in other words, translating outputs into benefits.

That needs good communications, business acumen, being personable, relatable, having empathy and putting in the legwork to understand what people are thinking.

In order to get your all-important messages across, you need to:

  • Know what your criteria are for communications success. Set that at the beginning – for example, are people embracing new ways of working?
  • Think about your audience: who are you sending your messages to and what kind of messaging/channel will they respond to?
  • Identify exactly what you need to communicate and what you want the outcome to be.
  • Select the right tools to get your messages over: there are many alternatives and avoid defaulting to the most obvious, i.e. email and slidedecks.
  • After delivering the message, review its success based on the original objective you had for that communication. If it works, learn the lesson and use it again.
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