How to remain a visible project manager in your organization

Working on assignment five days a week means it’s not always easy for project managers to ‘reach back’ to their own organization – but it’s something you should always make time for if you don’t want to risk falling under the radar.

As a consultant, I’ve found that it takes a conscious effort to stay connected with your “home” and not get completely sucked into the client-side role. While delivering against objectives is, of course, your primary goal, this should not be to the detriment of your standing within your own organization – particularly if you are seeking recognition, challenging future projects or promotion.

So how do you reach back?

It’s a question of setting aside time to spend back on home turf. Put regular dates in your diary, meet new people and find out what other assignments they’re working on. This interaction can be hugely beneficial and it gives you the opportunity to tap into a wider knowledge base which you might not otherwise have known about. Also, you are able to share your experience which may be of value to your organization for other projects and so help position yourself as an expert.

And why lean in?

Equally important is the need to ‘lean in’. By this, I mean gaining senior management support and ensuring they are fully aware of your achievements. This can be difficult for people who are not natural cheerleaders or comfortable with self-promotion. But you can – and should – learn to do more of it. After all, it’s very difficult to stand out if no-one knows what you are doing.

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