How to remain a visible project manager in your organization

This means putting yourself forward to present the update at the directors meeting. It means making sure your voice is heard, particularly women working in a male-dominated environment. In this scenario, it’s even more important not to fall into traditional stereotype roles.

Rules of the game

There are a number of different ways you can raise your profile and positively influence perceptions within your organization:

  • Communication: Maintain strong visibility in your organization, even when you are on assignment. Keep going back to build relationships, share your story and ensure the “powers-that-be” understand the value and level of experience you are delivering.
  • Do your own PR: While I wouldn’t go to the extreme of our American neighbours, I do believe that some of their confidence can be very useful in this type of environment. Those that shout the loudest may be doing the same job as those that don’t but, in my experience, they are likely to climb the career ladder faster.
  • Adopt a different mindset: Doing a good job should be more than enough to be recognized, but often it’s simply not. If you want those senior roles, you have to push yourself forward.
  • Create your own opportunities: Be proactive and think about how you can contribute in your organization. Leverage your experience, engage with senior managers to give them confidence in your abilities.
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