Project management into 2018: improving project success

What you should do to improve project success and achieve value has been high on the agenda this year.

Equally, the increased uncertainty in the economy has raised awareness of the need for increased professionalism in project and programme management (PPM). In short, we’ve got to be good!

For 2018, I see three areas of increasing importance for project managers and project management:

1. A resurgence of project/programme management offices (PMO)

2. A greater emphasis on aspects of change management among the project management community to prepare the way for change.

3. Experiential ‘in the workplace’ learning.

PMO resurgence

The topic of PMOs featured in AXELOS’ 2017 PPM Benchmark Study and, while they have been less visible in recent years, I believe the value of the PMO is gaining prominence again.

In my view a good PMO, particularly at corporate portfolio level (regardless of size of organization), is an essential value-add function. For example, if you have doubts about the clarity of reporting and status of your projects, the culling of failing projects or general predictability of delivery within your portfolio then a central PMO is ideally placed to remove those doubts for the organization and its PPM community.

From a board’s perspective this clarity enables timely and effective decision making. It permits executive boards to focus on the right areas to realize the anticipated value and benefits from the investments. And from the community perspective it provides a ‘go to’ place for advice and support and the best place to learn. Time spent in a PMO can be worth its weight in gold if you want to broaden your horizons.

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