The challenges facing Project Managers

What is the current state of project management and Project Managers?

At the turn of 2016, PM Perspectives Blog – in its top 10 project management trends post – said:

“Project management is no longer boxed away in a corner of the room. It stands front and centre and is being adopted by every area of smart organizations. Forward-thinking organizations understand its significance and are investing heavily to ensure their people, teams and organization have what it takes to deliver maximum impact.”

I couldn’t agree more. But with that elevated status comes a range of challenges:

  • Adoption of new practices
    Today, agile product delivery methods are an alternative approach to more traditional approaches. But this isn’t just about product delivery; it’s about an agile mindset, behaviours and techniques. This has been reflected in the take-up we’ve seen in PRINCE2 Agile® guidance this year.
  • Time management
    Project Managers are under pressure to remain current, relevant and qualified. This means finding the time to study, take and pass exams. When going for new jobs, having the right credentials could mean the difference between getting through the door or not. For experienced Project Managers, it also means re-registration if your certification expires.Our AXELOS Membership is helping Project Managers keep up-to-date and demonstrate their professionalism
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