The challenges facing Project Managers

  • Diverse project management methods
    I think that good Project Managers must be open to a range of best practices; in fact, as much as they can get their hands on! This needs what I call “innovation time”: reading around to understand what’s out there to help you perform better. And when comparing approaches such as PMBOK and PRINCE2®, the point is that they have a great deal of synergy and combining them will give you lots of tools you can use.
  • Stakeholder management
    This is a complex and constantly changing area and Project Managers have to manage this to get the desired output or result from their project. To be successful, Project Managers need to know the best way to exploit the power contained among the stakeholders, how to get key people engaged as early as possible in the process, how to manage stakeholders – both individually and as a group.
  • Complex project management
    Unless you’ve got a method, such as PRINCE2, or a way of analysing your environment you are going to struggle. Project Managers need tools to help them plot where their project is in the complex project environment and that might involve engaging a business analyst in the discovery phase for more complicated scenarios.
  • Team management
    With project teams comprised of increasingly diverse people, both culturally and geographically, it can make managing simple things more complicated. The risk is that with remote teams, people neither see nor talk to each other. Project Managers need a better understanding of how to handle language and technology to enable better communications among the project team.
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