The challenges facing Project Managers

  • Constantly changing business requirements
    It’s important to have business requirements signed off and fixed. Once you have a scope of work, you need to ensure stakeholders agree with it so you can mitigate any unnecessary work. Yes, things change, but within agreed tolerances only.
  • Diversity of industries
    Project Managers must remember and be confident that their method – in this case PRINCE2 – works regardless of industry sector. You might not be an industry expert but you’ve been hired to deliver projects and the products necessary to the organization. Follow your particular method and, when in need of specialist skills and knowledge, engage a business analyst to understand better how the business works.
  • Project management essentials
    Above all, Project Managers need to:

    • Show leadership
    • Foster transparency in the team
    • Foster collaboration within the team
    • Develop an environment of rich communication dependent on the project environment
    • Build emotional resilience to keep projects on track
    • Find the tenacity and a drive to succeed
    • Have great attention to detail
    • Be a mediator and be willing to put forward a solution
    • Have excellent interpersonal skills that help team members work together.
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