10 Tips For Shooting Night Photography Successfully

Shooting night photos can be a challenge, especially with a point and shoot camera. Night photos also can be among the most dramatic photos you’ll shoot. City lights can create a beautiful look, with the correct aperture setting. Shooting night photos of fireworks is fun, but your camera needs a long shutter opening. Capturing photos of your friends during a nighttime party requires a good flash unit.

Having the right equipment and knowing the correct techniques should improve your night photography results. Try these tips for shooting night photos successfully.

1.Try a tripod. Shooting night photos requires a slower shutter speed to allow more light to reach the image sensor, meaning camera shake is a greater possibility at night, which leads to blurry images. A tripod will keep the camera steady at all times.

2.Use a remote shutter. To further minimize the chance of camera shake leaving you with a night photo that isn’t as sharp as you’d like, use the tripod along with a remote shutter or your camera’s timer to shoot photos. When using a slow shutter speed, even pressing the shutter button can cause a slight movement with the camera that will leave the night photos with a slight blur.

3.Use a steady surface. Rather than holding the camera, try placing the camera on a sturdy surface, such as a table or the top of a wall, when shooting night photos. A tripod is the best option, but, if you don’t have a tripod, a sturdy surface can work well, too.

4.Steady yourself. If you must hold the camera when shooting night photos, brace yourself against a wall or doorframe to keep your body as steady as possible, minimizing the chances of camera shake. In addition, hold the camera close to your body, rather than at arm’s length, to steady yourself.

5.No tripod? Increase the speed. When shooting in fully automatic mode, the camera selects the shutter speed for you, and it will select a slow speed for night photography, which can be a problem if you don’t have a tripod available. However, you may be able to manually increase the shutter speed a little bit, which may reduce blurriness in your photos without sacrificing too much in terms of available light reaching the image sensor.

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