Five Secrets to Great Flower Pictures

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture great flower pictures, whether you want to show off the splendor of a rose in your garden or shoot pictures of flowers during your travels. Flower photos allow you to create vividly colorful images that will grab the attention of everyone! And best of all, you can shoot great-looking flower photos with almost any kind of camera. Here are five secrets to taking great flower pictures.

Tip 1: Lighting for Flower Pictures

It can be tempting to wait for the brightest midday sun to take your flower pictures. That’s actually one of the worst times, because the powerful sunlight will wash out your image, and can create harsh shadows.

Instead, take flower pictures when it’s overcast, or in the morning, afternoon or evening when the sun isn’t as bright and overpowering. This will result in more saturated colors in the blooms of the flowers.

Tip 2: Level with the Flowers

To get unique and beautiful flower pictures, move around. Don’t just stand and shoot. Try getting on the same level with it, standing above it, or even shooting underneath it. Try all kinds of angles to achieve the best possible composition. Play with distances of how close or far away you are

Tip 3: Focus on the Flowers

Be sure you have a focal point, whether it is a cluster of brightly colored flowers or simply one blossom. Follow the photography rule of thirds.


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