Five Secrets to Great Flower Pictures

Look for contrasts in the scene, which can help make your flower stand out. Maybe there’s one yellow flower in a field of green grass, and the contrast in colors can make the flower the primary focus of the scene.

Also be sure you pay close attention to everything in your frame. Watch in particular for distractions or unattractive items or lines in the foreground and background. If you encounter that, try moving into another position to shoot.

Tip 4: Keep it Steady

A potentially stunning flower picture can be ruined by something as simple as human nature: the shaky hand. Even if you think your hand is steady, you might be surprised that it does move. Try using a tripod (you can even get a mini tripod if you don’t want to lug around a large one.

Tip 5: Add Some Spice to Your Flowers

Don’t just shoot the flower, but also look for unique ways to capture the flower or flowers. You can try framing the flower with something natural in the environment, such as dangling vines. You can also look for insects on flowers to make for an interesting flower picture. Soft outside lighting increases the color saturation of flower pictures.

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