How to Shoot Long Exposure Pics On an iPhone

The Slow Shutter Cam ($.99 in iTunes) app is not a newbie by any means in the App Store (it’s exclusive on iOS).  It is designed to focus on a genre of photography that is used by all types of photographers.  It’s focus – long exposure photography.  The idea behind it is that it simulates the idea of setting longer shutter speeds than normal.

The shutter control on the iPhone is not user controlled.

Unlike Android and Windows Phone devices, the iPhone has not released the manual control of the shutter without a third party app.  The iPhone’s camera automatically adjust the ISO and shutter speed to get you the correct exposure.  It’s limiting if you wanted to expand and become more creative in mobile photography.

The best app with the longest record of great standing is – the Slow Shutter Cam.

What Can You Do With It?

Slow Shutter Cam gives you different types of long exposures through different capture modes:

  • Motion Blur mode is used for suggesting movement in your images by adding blur.  For example waterfalls are a great visual to show long exposure through motion blur.
  • Light Trail mode is the type of long exposure that you use to capture car light trails or fireworks.  It’s capturing moving light.
  • Low Light mode allows the capture of as many of the light sources available and sending it to your phone’s camera sensor.  The longer the shutter speed, the more light it captures.  It helps make really dark scenes become brighter
  • Using the App

    It’s a relatively simple app to use because it’s so straight forward as far as its purpose.  Once you open the app it automatically goes into the live shooting.  Here you can choose the modes listed above for the scene you plan on using.

    On the left hand side (always use this app in landscape mode) will be your options: front/rear facing camera – AF lock – AE lock – option to remove live preview – flash.

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