6 Mistakes Harming Your Email Marketing

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on email marketing. The race to present a product or service to customers drives an ever-growing industry of copywriters, campaign creators, graphic designers and brand managers. More and more, however, companies are creating the tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners to create their own digital strategies and become in-home marketing firms. This is great news, but only as long as you know how to work it.

Email marketing isn’t as straightforward as in-person sales. Your company’s message is vying for precious little space in a consumer’s schedule, and is easier than ever to simply skip over. So what divides successful email marketing from unread inbox clutter? We offer a few tips to keep your work sharp and effective so that your clients get the message.

Bad Subject Lines

The purpose of a cover is to sell a book. The purpose of an email subject line is exactly the same. Think back on which emails you open every morning. What drives you to click? Chances are, there’s a strong subject line that piques your interest. Experts estimate that 33% of all opens come from subject line alone. If one-third of your clicks rely on something, it’s foundational important. Brevity is the soul of wit, so keep your subject lines short and to-the-point. Make them crackle with energy. Use them to hook your clients, either emotionally or by appealing to their wallets. Ideally, your subject line should convey the soul of your marketing message.

And here’s what you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t repeat your name. Emails come to us showing by a sender and a subject line. Use the sender field to get your name out there. The subject line is where you sell this particular email. If you don’t know why you’re sending the email, the customer won’t either – and they won’t open it.
  • Don’t oversell. Customers will call your bluff, according to e-marketing group Selligent. If you claim that your product works wonders, make sure it does. If it only helps in small amounts, don’t overstate your case. Overselling customers is a great way to lose email subscribers and ding the reputation of your company.
  • Don’t get wordy. The fewer characters, the better. Subject lines with 30 characters or less tend to have better results, in part because mobile displays typically show only the first 30 characters. Don’t miss out on the phone viewership. Keep it short – and avoid all caps. It can read as angry.
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