7 Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

2. UnDelay – The Latest & Greatest In Landing Page Builders

Speaking of saturated markets, few these days are as saturated as that of landing page builders.


Because landing pages are really, reallyREALLY important for any online business. Moreover, many businesses need the ability to quickly create high-performing landing pages without hiring a development team to go through a lengthy creation process.

This need for speed is why landing page and webpage builders like LeadPages, Wix, and Squarespace have seen valuations rise well north of $500 million over the last two years. People want the ability to put up functional, attractive landing pages quickly and with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, most of these speed-oriented tools are just that. While they can be put up in record time, they are at best mediocre products and in certain situations, absolutely terrible at converting traffic into leads or customers.

This is what makes UnDelay’s landing page builder the latest and greatest to hit the market. UnDelay combines the speed and intuitive interface of a builder like LeadPages with the customization and in-depth split testing of something like Unbounce.

Furthermore, it’s adaptive infrastructure allows users to deliver unique, customized pages to desktop, tablet, and mobile users, and split test every page iteration simultaneously.

Digital Marketing Tools - Undelay

What all this means is that businesses with a need for fast landing pages no longer have to sacrifice quality or ignore certain segments of their user base. UnDelay users are able to build pages that are simultaneously optimized for every single device.

Digital Marketing Tools - UnDelay

After publishing the highest ranked review for landing page builders several years ago, I’ve spent the last few months using UnDelay, and it is easily the best builder I’ve ever used. If you’ve been noticing poor mobile conversion rates with another builder or have yet to try one out, let me save you some time right and now and tell you to give UnDelay a try.

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