7 Steps Increase Social Sharing With Content Marketing

Incorporating Social Sharing Into Your Email


Those people including friends who are your email subscribers can be a good potential source of content sharing. The fact that they have already subscribed proves that they have shown belief and commitment and if you lure them with good enough content you can be rest assured that they will share it on your behalf if you make it easy for them.

You can put links so that the subscribers can be able to share your content for you just like there is an option within the email address platform for following a company on social media or even becoming a fan. Sharing your content via email is very effective since it is the platform also used by many to share a lot so if you make it easy for them to share you will be surprised at how well this works. A tool such as Mailchimp makes it easy since it has the option of ‘forward to friend’ which is done via email.

You could also make this more effective by adding social sharing icons at the bottom of all the emails that go to all your subscribers and they will be able to share more which means more prospective business for you.

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