7 Steps Increase Social Sharing With Content Marketing

Incentivize Social Sharing

In the case where you provide a useful guide, then instead of offering it in place of an email address you could go with a more convenient option by kindly asking people to pay for it with a tweet or just a simple share on Facebook or even LinkedIn. A wise way to do this for instance is to provide additional information to the reader of your blog posts and this will only be possible if the reader shares the posts with their friends and contacts.

Such a setup can be made possible by using Virally whereby you upload your guide and then specify which social media platforms you want to use. For those ardent Facebook users who would wish to download the guide, they may pick the option of ‘download with Facebook only.’ They will then share the guide and this results in driving traffic back to your site. This will in ultimately mean more business for you since your content will be quite marketable.

Click To Tweet


In the case where you have tweeted something, there is most likely a probability of very relevant tweetable content within it. Such an example is a short inspiring quote which many people will be willing to share.

Click to Tweet is a very simple application that will let you create tweetable content. It is very easy to use it and you basically go to Click to Tweet and then you paste in the content and it will then give you a link that you will be able to use within your post. In this way you will be able to be creative enough so that the next blog post on your website will be tweetable and friendly for anyone to read, the tool also assists you with the resulting analytics on the content that has been shared and soon enough you will realize that you are making good progress with your content marketing. For example, the promoters at Aussiessay used this tool to promote their business. Also it helped them to achieve their goals and to obtain the better understanding of their marketing strategy.

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