Agile and traditional project management – a meeting of minds?

Our latest PPM Benchmark Study suggests a discrepancy between project managers and the organizations they work for in the way agile is perceived and adopted.

The majority of project managers continue to be enthusiastic about agile, with 77% recognizing value in agile working methods. However, fewer than half (46%) of project management functions and only 39% of organizations overall have a “significant appetite” for agile.

Project managers who shared detailed views with us said that senior management remain sceptical about agile, seeing it as a short cut around controls and sign-off that goes against their understanding of project management protocols.

The agile disconnect and the future of agile project management

Yet, despite this persisting “agile disconnect” between practitioners and employers the gap between them is narrowing when comparing this year’s and last year’s study results.

So, where does agile project management go from here?

Duncan Wade of The Human Interface Consultancy, coach and trainer in both traditional and agile project management methods, said: “As a project manager I care about delivery and agile is an exciting delivery mechanism that I’m passionate about. However, agile is not the only way to work and we need to select the delivery approach that offers the greatest benefit to the project.

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