OPINION: Trump’s disdain for critical thought didn’t arise in a vacuum

The starkly anti-intellectual character of President Donald Trump’s presidency is not unique in American history. What is notable about this president’s open disregard for serious learning is not that he knows nothing of any real importance, but that he emphatically wants to know nothing.

For Donald Trump, the preferred path for American foreign policy remains fully detached from any latent hints of wisdom or responsibility. At the G20 Summit, his steadfast preference for the self-serving assessments of Russian President Vladimir Putin over those of his own country’s intelligence agencies was particularly insidious. As for his oddly-proposed cyber-defense agreement with Putin, America’s most bitter cyber-enemy, it can only be termed an incomprehensible corollary.

Indecipherable, too, are this president’s planned policies concerning Israel. Although Trump has called Israel this country’s “greatest ally” several times, virtually all of his proposed Middle East policies are patently injurious to the Jewish State.

Plainly, Israel is not apt to share any geo-strategic interests with Jihadist terrorists, Shiite Islamic militias, a still pro-terrorist Saudi Arabia being expansively re-armed with Trump-granted advanced weapons, or with a U.S.-backed Russia that remains relentlessly oriented toward strengthening Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Palestine.

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